Cara-Lyn Morgan likes to tell people in the rest of Canada that she lives in Toronto, however, Torontonians are very quick to correct her.  Apparently, Vaughan and Toronto are not at all the same.  So, Cara-Lyn Morgan lives and works in Vaughan, which in her prairie mind, is basically Toronto.                        She lives in a high-rise (like many of her fellow Torontonians) but her heart belongs much closer to the ground in a place where the sky is much, much wider. 


Her work has appeared in a wide variety of literary magazines across the country, and was selected for inclusion in Turnstone Press' Best Canadian Poetry in English, 2015.  Her debut collection of poetry, What Became My Grieving Ceremonywas the recipient of the Fred Cogswell Award for Excellence in Poetry in 2015 and her next big project, Cartograph, is set for release by Thistledown Press this year.